No more painful PDO thread lifting needed at the clinic! This is our Signature NEEDLELESS PDO THREADLIFT Anti-Aging facial treatment which gives you the immediate perk and iron away the wrinkles overtime. Absolutely no downtime, no pain and no redness.

Developed and manufactured in Korea, the threads are first melted in a special serum which breaks them down into molecules measuring less than 1cm under a microscope. Via our patented Transfer Double Nanosphere (TDN) Technology, the mixture will then be penetrated into your skin through a skin tunneling process. 

TDN (Transfer Double Nanosphere) technology is the core technology for
penetration of various active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, PPC, peptides
and various acids. Active ingredients are encapsulated in nano-sized vehicles to
travel down the lipid, protected from external forces such as temperature and
different pH levels. 

The treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed, skin tightened and lifted with lesser wrinkles over time. 


Above: SEM of Transfer Double Nanosphere (TDN)双层纳米包裹渗透技术
in drug enriched shell 在药物丰富的壳


Clinical Results