Introducing Korea’s latest beauty innovation – The Korean BB Water Shine treatment simultaneously rejuvenates and brightens the skin by infusing skin coloured ampoule via a micro needle therapy system. After 1-3 sessions you will notice a radiant glow on the treated areas coupled with minimized pores. The skin coloured ampoules compose of 100% natural ingredients which are KFDA approved. This semi-permanent skin foundation therapy last in the region from 4 to 6 months depending on your skin condition. There is absolutely no downtime, painless and results are almost immediate.



Compared to other salons usually carrying 5ml to 8ml B.B. ampoules, our Korean B.B. Foundation ampoules are all of 10 ml capacity.

So how is Korean B.B Watershine Foundation Performed?

After we make sure your face is fully and thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, we would apply the Korean B.B Foundation ampoule over your face in sections. We would then use our Nano Size MTS System to deliver the Korean B.B Foundation ampoule into your skin and over every corner of your face for THREE times. We end off the session with a relaxing brightening mask.