Transforming Lips into Luscious Tinge of Pink

Lip embroidery is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique which employs semi-permanent pigmentation of the epidermis that resembles lipstick. You do not need to touch up your lipstick after a meal anymore! Isabella Aesthetics’ Lip Embroidery Program in Singapore helps to brighten and lighten dark lips into your preferred lip tone colour.


Lip Embroidery Singapore

 Natural Plant-Based Micro Pigments

        We choose the best 100% natural plant based non-toxic organic micro pigments.

Master Lip Artists

        Our embroidery artists undergo rigorous training and they are equipped with the skill sets to curate the right design for you.

Strict Hygienic Standard Practice

       Our needles (single use) are individually sterilized and wrapped which are then disposed immediately after use. In addition, our equipment are sterilized before each and every use. Isabella Aesthetics is certified with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, Title 29 Code of  Federal Regulations Section 1910.1030, a mandatory requirement for practicing Cosmeticians in the USA.