Get this award-winning skin booster in Singapore today.

CONVENTIONAL Skin Booster treatment usually contains only ONE benefiting ingredient in the ampoule (i.e. Hyaluronic Acid), Isabella Aesthetics introduces to Singapore our Award Winning Signature Skin Booster Treatment containing EIGHT benefiting ingredients in one treatment! 



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This is our one and only award winning signature skin booster treatment which consist of Multi-Vitamins, Salmon Egg Extracts, EGF (which won a Nobel Prize), whitening and hydrating components. This treatment promotes skin regeneration, acts as a skin barrier, repairs damaged cells, anti-aging, smoothen skin and you can feel the results instantaneously.

8 Main Ingredients in Isabella Aesthetic’s Signature Korean Stem Cells Skin Booster

  1. Multi Vitamin: It contains Vitamin A, C, E, D and it helps in overall skin improvement.
  2. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract: Contains active whitening ingredient, it makes skin smooth and has strong whitening effect.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid: As it is existing in between elastic fiber and Collarenous fiber, it moisturizes skins through strong water-binding.
  4. Acethyl Hexapeptide-8: As it is naturally created non-stimulated and non-toxic component in skins, it is highly stable and helps to prevent aging and development of wrinkles.
  5. Multi-Growth Factor: As it is combined ingredients with EGF which wins a Nobel prize and FGF which is a derma growth factor, it is indispensable component to prevent aging skin.
  6. Salmon Egg Extract: It is rich in Vitamin E, helps to prevent oxidation of fatty acid through anti-oxidation, the main feature of Vitamin E.
  7. Thioctic Acid: This is a form of Vitamin L which is well known for its strong anti-oxidation effect and promotes elastin and collagen in skins.
  8. Glutathione: It has anti-oxidation effect by removing active oxygen which naturally generates in our body.

What is Skin Booster?

Skin boosters are injected into the epidermis layer of the skin to hydrate, whiten, instill EGF and multi vitamins to generally improve skin quality. It can be injected over large treatment areas of the face, neck and hands to increase the skin’s hydration quality.

Does Skin Booster hurt?

Numbing cream is usually applied on the skin for 20-30 minutes and thus it is a painless treatment.

How does Skin Booster benefits you?

Conventional Skin Booster treatment usually contains only ONE benefiting ingredient in the ampoule (i.e. Hyaluronic Acid),
At Isabella Aesthetics, our Award Winning Signature Skin Booster Treatment contains EIGHT benefiting ingredients in one treatment to help restore youth, promotes anti-aging, brightens up your skin, instill multi vitamins which will improve skin quality over time. 

How frequent should I go for the Skin Booster Treatment?

It is recommended to go for 4 sessions consecutively within 2 weeks interval for the first time and thereafter once a month to achieve the best results.

How long is the downtime?

It varies from individuals but usually the small little red bumps will only last 1-2 days. Wearing a mask can cease all your concerns.